Meeting Planning Organizer Kit - Standard

Tired of creating new binder tabs for every meeting? Short on time? Try our pre-indexed tabs sets specially designed for the meetings executive. Three-ring binders are a GREAT way to organize all your meeting planning files.

  • They are portable, so you will have all necessary files with you when you travel.
  • During the planning phase, your files are accessible and tidy.
  • They can be easily archived, so when that meeting is done, you can archive the first binder, and start the binder for the next meeting. This helps you keep each meeting separate from others. No more paper overlap in loose files.
  • Pop them into your binder and, voila, you have a logical place for all that paper!
  • Order several so you have them on hand for future meetings.

If you are like most meetings executives, you have so many meetings that it is hard to find the time to organize your binders with the appropriate tabs. Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits has done the work for you.

10 TABS: To-Do List, Hotel Contract, Pre Con/Last Minute, Hotel Resume, Schedule(s)/Logistics, F&B/BEOs, Expenses/Bills, Reports, Sessions/Breakouts & Speakers, Notes and Other


  • $ 12.00

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