• Paper Isn’t Dead

      Every time you blink these days someone is telling you to download, upgrade, or update your software, app, or device. What’s up?  Technology was supposed to be “time saving”.  But here I sit waiting and waiting (and praying) that the upgrade, download, update will work (this time). You have been there.  Hooked by the promise of beautiful efficiency; ease of use, laced with images of joyful women leaping through daisy fields of freedom. It’s a fib. An obfuscation. Lacks veracity. Someone sold you a bridge.  Lie. But there must be a DNA thing called a HOPE gene.  Because we...

  • Taxes in April? Manage Your Personal Finance Plans with our Personal Organizer Kit

    Taxes in April? Wondering how you retirement plans are coming along? NOW is a great time to get your personal financial records in order. We have a kit that can help. This professional looking kit comes with: Quality pre-printed index tabs to help you organize your finances Pre-printed front and back cover for use in a clear-view three-ring binder with cheerful graphic design, so you can always find your personal finance binder Pre-printed spine to make it easy to locate your binder on a shelf          

  • Organizer Kits

    Organization at your Fingertips!

    Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits™ offers a new and attractive tool for organizing your projects and personal records. We are taking the AHHhhhhhh! out of home paperwork organization and putting HAH! back in Smart one-step organization for your important papers. Save time and headache.  Stop rifling through your projects to find that one piece of paper.  Flip to it in seconds!  Plus less expensive than investing your time and creating index tabs yourself!.  More Reasons: Beautiful Simplicity - It is so easy and elegant. All the important catories are thought of and arranged beautifully.  Pop them into your binder and done!...