• Organizer Kits

    Organization at your Fingertips!

    Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits™ offers a new and attractive tool for organizing your projects and personal records. We are taking the AHHhhhhhh! out of home paperwork organization and putting HAH! back in

    Smart one-step organization for your important papers.

    Save time and headache.  Stop rifling through your projects to find that one piece of paper.  Flip to it in seconds!  Plus less expensive than investing your time and creating index tabs yourself!.

     More Reasons:

    • Beautiful Simplicity - It is so easy and elegant. All the important catories are thought of and arranged beautifully.  Pop them into your binder and done!

    • Portability – Visiting the doctor? Bring your Medical Records binder.  Child transfering schools: bring your Childern Records binder.  Planning a wedding? Wow the florist, caterer, and photographer with your detailed organized plans. 

    • Keepsakes – Home cooking brings families together.  And family recipes help carry traditions through the years tying generation after generation together.  The Family Recipe Organizer Kit is the perfect starting place to start assembling recipe heirlooms as the keepsakes they are. The wedding planner kit also sits on many a bookshelf filled with the memories of how that special day came to be.

    • Inexpensive –To buy the supplies sperately; the tabs, the cover stock paper, the adhesive stickies for the tabs, etc. you costs an average of $22, and have surplus supplies. Our kits are $14.50 or less, and are professional quality.  Time and money well saved!

    • Unique, Personal Gift - There are not that many items these days that are attractive, unique, customizable, personal and inexpensive that you can give as a gift; but Organizer Kits fill the bill.


    Organize your present, to plan for your future.  Visit today to see how to make YOUR life simpler.

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