• Paper Isn’t Dead


    Every time you blink these days someone is telling you to download, upgrade, or update your software, app, or device.

    What’s up?  Technology was supposed to be “time saving”.  But here I sit waiting and waiting (and praying) that the upgrade, download, update will work (this time).

    You have been there.  Hooked by the promise of beautiful efficiency; ease of use, laced with images of joyful women leaping through daisy fields of freedom.

    It’s a fib. An obfuscation. Lacks veracity. Someone sold you a bridge.  Lie.

    But there must be a DNA thing called a HOPE gene.  Because we keep HOPing this tech will be the one.  The prince charming to all our time poverty needs and make us rich again.  But I am gonna be pushing up daisies before my prince charming of time saving is going to arrive in technology form. 

    Don’t misunderstand me.

    Yeah, I love spell cheek, check.

    And those embossing embarrassing auto correct texts.  LIVE. LOVE. 

    And have you tried “finding” a file on your computer from 10 years ago.  For those that have, please don’t relive the pain by remembering.  And those of you who are nine years old…your turn will come. 

    The point is, paper isn’t dead.  That quiet uncelebrated tool (that everyone still uses), that never requires an upgrade, format change, or power.  That has been preserving history since the Egyptians.  It still works.

    Someone mentioned to me that it is susceptible to fire.  Ya, and so is your computer. Melt.

    So dearly beloved we gather here to simply say collect, save and find your paper. #paperisntdead #organizerkits


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