Family Recipe Organizer Kits: STANDARD LENGTH Index Tabs for Three-ring Binde...

Family Recipe Organizer Kits: Standard Size

You’ve had a busy week. You’re tired, but you still need to make that carrot cake for the party this weekend. Where is grandma’s recipe? You could have sworn it was in the drawer or was it the recipe box? Maybe the office?

Are you tired of misplaced recipes? The Ahh Hah! Family Recipe Organizer Kit is the perfect solution. This recipe organizer kit contains everything you need to create an attractive, organized recipe book for all of your pre-printed or handwritten recipes.

The Family Recipe Organizer Kit contains the following:

  • Beautiful cover sheet and spine insert that fits any standard 3-ring clear-view binder, 1 ½” or larger.
  • 15 high-quality, pre-printed index tabs that cover all common food categories.
  • Categories include appetizers, beverages, bread, breakfast, candies, cookies, desserts, main dishes, pies & pastries, salads, soup, vegetables, and more!

This kit contains everything you need for an attractive, organized cookbook. It’s super easy too. Just pop our beautiful kit into a 3 ring binder and you’re ready to go. The pre-printed tabs have been designed with input from experts so that everything is intuitively organized.

Lose the paperclips and piles and organize your recipes to look like a professional cookbook. No more digging through cabinets and drawers or looking through your online bookmarks to find that recipe. With each recipe neatly organized by category, you can easily find the dish you’re looking for. Recipes are kept neat and safe in a 3-ring binder that stores easily inside of a cabinet, drawer, or bookshelf.

This version of the Family Recipe Organizer Kit is designed to be used without page protectors. If you prefer to keep your recipes in page protectors, please see the “Long” version of this product. Otherwise, the standard version is perfect for recipes printed on standard 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper.

Don’t spend another minute looking for grandma’s carrot cake recipe. Order the Family Recipe Organizer Kit today.

  • $ 9.00

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